Wrenchead Remembers Gus

On December 2nd of 2001, one of the founders and the Chief Executive Officer of Wrenchead passed away. Even as the years pass by, Wrencheads remember Gusís passion and energy and we celebrate his time with us by continuing to build on his legacy.

Remembering Gus

First and foremost, Gus will be remembered for his leadership. He brought a level of energy and passion with him that always left people feeling like they could do more. Gus was a compassionate and caring person who always seemed to touch the hearts of those around him. Gus kept his friends and associates close, but his family even closer. He was always there as a loving son, brother, husband and father.

Previously, Gus was with GTE Internetworking, the result of the sale of his consulting firm, Velocity partners, to GTE in the late 90ís. Prior to that, Gus founded a number of early Internet companies, including a company that developed leading edge Internet technology.

On a personal note, Gus loved to race motorcycles, loved cars including the 1957 Bel Air that he rebuilt and wasnít a bad drummer with a penchant for 50's tunes. Gus brought the same passion and energy that made him a success in business, into his personal life. For Gus, it wasn't worth doing unless you could turn the dial up to "11".

Gus was born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in many places around the world including New York, Atlanta, Tokyo and Greenwich, Connecticut. Gus graduated from Dartmouth college in 1990 with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Gus is survived by his son.

Gus will be deeply missed by all of his friends at Wrenchead, and his many colleagues throughout the industry. All of us at Wrenchead will work hard to continue to carry out the vision Gus helped create.

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