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WHI's Nexpart ebusiness Suite maximizes distribution efficiency for Manufacturers, Distributors and their customers.

"Since changing to Nexpart eCommerce, my sales are up over 40%. Nexpart is ALWAYS UP! My old solution was constantly down and slow. In addition, the WHI Catalog is better, more accurate, and more up to date."-C&C Warehouse Distributors

- Long Beach, CA

"Nexpart eCommerce is the best thing we've done since adding Electronic Catalog." 
-Factory Motor Parts

"Everybody has realized that the "battle for the bays" is now being fought over the Internet. Our strategy to develop common communication platforms between customers and Parts Plus is really taking hold. Our integrated distributors and Auto stores have realized the importance of connecting to their wholesale customers. WHI has developed the tools and expertise to make this ecommerce system deployment a success. They continue to be a good business partner that believes in open IT architecture. WHI's management team also understands the importance of being flexible in their approach. The fact that they do not have a transaction fee is just one example of that." 
-Alan Bostwick, Executive Vice President, Parts Plus

"Our customers rely on our us to provide them with the parts they need, when they need them. Nexpart is a tool that helps ensure that happens as quickly and easily as possible.  Nexpart is critical to our wholesale parts sales strategy."

- Brent Hoge, Larry Miller Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge

"Nexpart now allows our Honda repair specialists to order parts 24/7. Improved customer service with online access will ensure that we are the first call."  -Peggy Ellenberger

- Stockton to Malone Honda

 "Having spent the last three years searching for THE warehouse system to take us into the future, we recently settled on Nexpart Warehouse Management. After two failed purchases and countless demos of virtually all the major systems, Nexpart Warehouse Management has done for us what no other system could. We now have a POS system that allows us all the flexibility we needed as well as making us faster, more efficient and more accurate, and it is very user friendly. Ask about the "High Speed Maintenance" screens, they are great too! You can change pertinent information on an entire line quickly, all by yourself, no waiting or additional charge.There hasn't been much need for support yet but it's been fast and thorough when necessary."
-T. Gene Edwards, President, T-K Distributors

"We have implemented a comprehensive solution from WHI that leverages technology to streamline our aftermarket and distribution operations. We challenged WHI with an aggressive rollout schedule to convert our operating systems so that the change was transparent to our customers. Nexpart Warehouse Management delivered, standing behind their products, services, and commitments every step of the way. We are very pleased with the total systems solution provided by Nexpart Warehouse Management."
-Lyman Tschanz, General Manager, Modine Manufacturing

"The Source it function in Nexpart Distribution Management is great. It is a very easy system to navigate."
-Chris Lusby, Superior Automotive

"The way to get ahead in business to day to be up on the latest technology, Nexpart Distribution Management is it. Having the upgrades done automatically makes the business run much smoother. Nexpart Store Mangement is very easy to navigate through the different modules."
-Ron Heinz, Pascack Valley

"Contacting the support department is no longer an all day affair as with other companies. The technicians are always available to take a call. I even had an instance where I was calling from home and was disconnected while on hold. Your technician went to the trouble of calling directory assistance to find my home number and returned the call. Impressive to say the least."
-Jeff Timmons, Research Auto

"Nexpart Distribution Management has helped us by making things that used to be a monumental task and made it quite easy. For example month end processing, in our old system, even though it did most tasks by it self, you had to be there the next day to retrieve the information you needed, with Nexpart Distribution Management, everything is done and you can come in and retrieve your data whenever because of the way it stores everything, it has also helped to not have to print reports on paper, you can retrieve them whenever the need arises."
-Richard Trembley, CarParts

"Nexpart Distribution Management is great because all your past information such as inventory, accounts receivable, customer purchases and monthly statements is immediately available."
-Ann Patterson, Interstate Auto Parts Warehouse

"Net based = the only way to go."
-Jimmy Harquail, Harquail Brothers

"Nexpart Store Managent has made my business easier to run. There is much more information available that I didn't have access to before going on the Nexpart Distribution Management system. This system takes the worry out of remembering to back up your data since they do it for you automatically."
-Ernie Roque, EV West Chester

"Nexpart Distribution Management's ability to upload data into the system off an excel spreadsheet has also proven to be very helpful. Some things, we just take for granted, such as month end. Nexpart Distribution Management does the month end closing, so we can just print statements anytime we want, rather than staying late at the end of every month. We also don't have to worry about doing daily backups or any of the little annoying maintenance items."
-John Tompkins, AIM Auto Parts

"The Nexpart Distribution Management system is very easy to use. With a Windows environment, learning to navigate from screen to screen is a breeze. The Customer Support group are real "Live" people. They are there all the time to help you and answer your questions."
-Paul Gardner, C.B.S. Auto

"Nexpart Distribution Management is an easy system to learn. It is very simple to navigate from screen to screen. You get a real person on the phone when you call. The updates are automatic, I don't need to wait for the next "CD" to arrive."
-Scott Johnson, B & D Auto Parts

"Ability to use non propriety equipment = extremely cost effective."
-Jimmy Harquail, Harquail Brothers

"Would I make the change to Nexpart Distribution Management all over again? YES!"
-Charlie McNeal, Brake & Clutch Supply

"Nexpart Store Managment is a very user friendly system. It is Windows based which allows you to move from screen to screen easily with color pictures and text throughout each module."
-Bill Affleck, Supreme Automotive

"Not having to worry about back-up tapes and security issues with Nexpart Distribution Management is a real plus and being connected to the internet has also connected me to various vendors."
-Jeff Timmons, Research Auto

"With Nexpart Distribution Management, it's a great relief knowing that our data is safe. We no longer have to remember to back up our computer each night and have no worries that the disks we use on the backup could be damaged. In the past I have had two backup disks that could not be used to restore information because they were damaged."
-Ann Patterson, Interstate Auto Parts Warehouse

"Because Nexpart Warehouse Management helps us run our daily business, we can dedicate our time to focus on our customers and what they need from us."
-Mike Maloof, President, World Auto Parts

"WHI is a pleasure to work with. They always respond in a timely matter. Having them do the back ups takes that responsibility off of my shoulders, one less thing to worry about in my busy schedule."
-Gene DeAngelo, Brake O Rama

Nexpart Distribution Management has a great way to get information directly from the manufacturers, even to new applications that are not in printed catalogs yet. Accessory lines usually have pictures which are a great aid in selling."
-Richard Trembley, CarParts

"WHI's Support staff is fantastic."
-Jimmy Harquail, Harquail Brothers

"The customer service is first class with Nexpart Distribution Management. We usually talk to the same person, so that he understands what our needs are."
-John Tompkins, AIM Auto Parts

"You can access your business with Nexpart Distribution Management from anywhere in the world since it runs over the Internet. That is a great plus when you can't be at the office all day. Adding on additional locations is a painless process, WHI takes care of everything for you."
-Bill Affleck, Supreme Automotive

"Being a multi-store operation, adding on new locations is a painless process. Technology is the future. I need to work with a company like WHI that understands the multi-store operation."
-Gene DeAngelo, Brake O Rama

"Our customers never complain to us about application data processed by WHI."
-Honeywell, Fram/Autolite

"Nexpart eCatalog is an overwhelming success."

"Nexpart eCatalog has better data and it's a better deal."
-Breckenridge Auto Supply

"Nexpart eCatalog is a great tool for us to determine the most-recent, vehicle-specific applications. Nexpart eCatalog's lightning fast data updates gives us the advantage of being first-to-market with the newest products."
-Edwin Robinson, President, RaceShopper.com

"WHI is currently the fastest e-cat supplier, by far. You are literally months ahead at times and we certainly appreciate your efforts. Our customers also appreciate being on top of enhancements to coverage. Tell your folks we love 'em."
-Clevite Engine Parts, Dana Corp. Underhood Group

"WHI is a high quality data supplier that is as good as any current supplier of electronic applications data out there. We know they are doing a great job because our customers never complain to us about their applications data which was processed by WHI. We wish that was true for all electronic data suppliers."
-Honeywell, Consumer Products Group, FRAM/Autolite

"WHI has been a long-standing supporter of our efforts to develop catalog data standards. WHI helped lead the adoption of our original Catalog Standard several years ago and has taken a leadership position with our next generation standard, ACES. Together our goal is to reduce costs for the industry and make real time data a reality."
-Scott Luckett,Vice-president for technology standards and solutions, AAIA

"I can't tell you how positive the response is to the Smart Pages and the overwhelming combination of the WHI E-catalog and Part Interchange. I was at a customer this past Tuesday and found the lead counterman reluctant to migrate to the new windows based platform. He had just got off the phone with the Cadillac dealer who informed him the number on an oxygen sensor was obsolete and could not be crossed. The part was an AFS73. I used Part Interchange to immediately cross it to a Standard SG276 which he had on the shelf! A few moments later - he needed a headlamp bulb for a 2004 KIA. His paper catalog only listed thru 2003. He was explaining to the customer how it would "probably still fit" - but the customer wasn't too happy with that response. I quickly looked up the part using Positrak On Windows and was able to confirm for the customer it was in fact the same part. Not long after that - they had an issue where a part did not match the picture in the paper catalog. I was able to find images that part, and a competitive part using Smart Pages, which resolved the issue. Needless to say, the WHI catalog was an overwhelming success - even for the "reluctant" counterman."
-Mike Luddy, President, Positrak

"WHI has made dramatic improvements in their electronic cataloging. Most major manufacturers have been totally rebuilt. We have seen our error reports cut by more that 75%. A few months ago, we implemented a hot key (CTRL-P) that will allow the customers to electronically log errors to be reported to us. Please encourage all of your customers to use this method to quickly note errors for us. Any errors that are reported are corrected and back to the customer within 60 - 90 days. One customer who was so vocal to have this option available actually called me and offered an apology for not using it as much as he expected because lately he's not experiencing many errors to report."
-Keith Doyle, Amador Business Computers, Inc.

"As a former Triad user, I was under the impression that the Triad catalog was the only catalog that could meet my needs. However, I have used the WHI Nexpart eCatalog for over a year now and we have seen tremendous progress. I am happy with the coverage and quality it provides for my counter staff and me. The WHI Catalog has all the information I need to run my business."
-Greg St. Onge, Owner, BC Auto Parts

"We've used the WHI Nexpart eCatalog for many years. Our software provider recently invited us to use the Triad catalog as an alternative. After trying it for a few weeks, I asked my staff if they wanted to change. Unanimously, they voted to continue using WHI. We use the catalog every day to service our customers and conduct day-to-day operations. I would recommend the catalog to anyone looking for reliable parts information."
-Dave Gish, Irvine City Auto Parts

"The WHI Nexpart eCatalog and Interchange has played a central role in increasing the accuracy and efficiencies in our stores. We recently implemented a new catalog interface that includes WHI Counterman Question functionality and Part Interchange. In all my time in this business, I have not seen a software product so easily and enthusiastically accepted by our counter personnel."
-Richard Swanson, Maynard Auto Supply

"The rep from CCI/Triad pesters me weekly and offers me all types of special pricing to get us to switch. But I love the new version of WHI and will not consider going back to CCI/Triad. I'm sure that if more people were able to see the WHI data, they would switch from CCI/Triad to WHI as we have done. It's a better value all the way around."
-David Yanuck, Diamond Auto Parts

"I thought that you might get a kick out of this. The Raybestos rep just told us that even the brand new systems that are being put out do not have catalog coverage even close to being accurate or current on their systems. He told us that we're very lucky to be using WHI data."
-Richard Swanson, Maynard Auto Supply

"Nexpart ecommerce has impacted our business for the better. It has increased sales from existing accounts as well as given us new opportunities with accounts previously out of our reach. We have customers that would only buy from us if NOBODY ELSE IN TOWN had the part and we just happened to have it. After adding Nexpart to our sales force we've been able to showcase our inventory like never before. The features in Nexpart convinced these customers to look to us on a regular basis for their daily needs. We have had Nexpart in our company for only a few months, but the increase to our bottom line has been enormous. If we could change anything, we would have involved ourselves with WHI and Nexpart sooner. I could go on and on about how I believe Nexpart has helped our business. WHI has created a nearly snap-in program that will definitely pay for itself, and help grow our business."

-Casey Sponenburgh, KAPS Warehouse, Blackfoot, ID

"Offering Nexpart eCommerce to our customers has differentiated us from our competitors like nothing else we've ever tried; this is truly one killer app."
-Mandy Aguilar, The Parts House - Puerto Rico

"WHI delivers. WHI stands behind their products, services, and commitments every step of the way."
-Modine Manufacturing

"Our customers rely on our member stores to provide them with the parts they need, when they need them. Nexpart is a tool that helps ensure that happens as quickly and easily as possible. By providing better customer service, our customers never have to go anywhere else for their parts needs."

-Mike Kamal, President, Independent Auto Parts of America

"We have a number of our customers in cities, contractors and fleets now utilizing our on-line system. It's really saving time for our customers, our counter people and our sales people. With eCommerce on-line 24/7 our customers can order after end-of-day and we deliver on the first morning run. Nexpart eCommerce is a huge addition to our reputation of excellent customer service."
-Fred DeLaCruz, VP Finance, Tidewater Fleet Supply

"The WHI Catalog and Interchange tools have raised our company to the new levels of efficiency required by today's extremely competitive market condition."
-Steve Gresalfi, Aircore

"We have been using the WHI Catalog for the last several years and the latest updates have really been great! After installing the latest updates, my counter professionals have all noted how the lookups show much more detail. One of my top counter professionals, Joe Gotch said, ‘The new WHI Catalog seems to be very accurate. I have yet to have a problem where the part I looked up was wrong.' All in all, we are very pleased with the WHI catalog."
-Jim Heffernan, Heff's Automotive Supply Inc.

"My guys like Nexpart ecatalog. I mean they REALLY like Nexpart ecatalog. I have my whole staff on it now."
-Tim Dickison, Seattle Automotive

"It's a perfect fit. Nexpart Warehouse Management is a straight forward, easy to use system. From the way it does Point of Sale, to the way it handles orders, or when we need to look up information about prior customer purchases it just does what we want it to do." 
-Mike Maloof, President, World Auto Parts

"Nexpart Warehouse Management helps us predict what is needed and when." 
-Fred Delacruz, Tidewater Fleet Supply

"Nexpart Warehouse Management is a great system and works very well for us as a large warehouse distributor. It's easy for us to open new locations or even new types of businesses with Nexpart Warehouse Management." 
-Brian Cantagallo, A B & S

"WHI delivered by far the best turnaround I've seen to date by ANY eCat provider, especially considering the high volume, number of records, and number of files/brands/companies we are responsible for."
-Gates Rubber Company

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