News - 08/15/2004

Wrenchead Electronic Catalog Update

By Dave Young

Here is what one Wrenchead user has to say:

"The rep from CCI/Triad pesters me weekly and offers me all types of special pricing to get us to switch. But I love the new version of Wrenchead and will not consider going back to CCI/Triad. I'm sure that if more people were able to see the Wrenchead data, they would switch from CCI/Triad to Wrenchead as we have done. It's a better value all the way around."

David Yanuck Diamond Auto Parts Mt. Pleasant, PA

More and more the industry is realizing the value of the Wrenchead Catalog and replacing outdated and expensive legacy Catalog with the new tools offered in Wrenchead's suite of information databases. Many of our new users are former Activant customers, and more are changing over all the time. If you are tired of overpaying for an outdated product, call us. We're happy to give you a demo of the fastest growing Catalog database in the industry. Call us at 914-697-9417 today!


User Enhancements

Users gave us a good suggestion to improve the delineation between two or more similarly defined vehicles. For example, the 1991 Saturn SL series had two models that appeared as:

1.9L Fuel Injected L4 Vin:9 1.9L Fuel Injected L4 Vin:7

We heard you loud and clear and have improved the vehicle definition by adding additional descriptions. Today, these same vehicles now appear as:

1.9L Fuel Injected L4 Vin:9 DOHC 1.9L Fuel Injected L4 Vin:7 SOHC

We've enhanced these descriptions to include additional information such as DOHC, SOHC, VTEC as well as 16V versus 8V etc., to make it easier to identify the vehicle and eliminate mistakes. You'll see even more improvements in the Wrenchead vehicle table later this fall.


Wrenchead added over 250,000 new SKU's in the past two releases. New and updated lines on the Volume 8 Number 8 (August 2004) Catalog release include Aimco, Airtex, American Remanufacturing Inc., Apco, Atp, Autolite, Autopart International, Beck Arnley, Bosch, Bravo/Gates, Carquest/Gates, Carquest/Raybestos, Carter, Centric Parts, C-Tek By Centric, Defense Filters, Denso, Denso Base Numbers, DNS Armatures, Dorman, Dorman - Carded, Eastern, Edelmann, Federated Brakes, Federated Drums & Rotors, Fram, Fram Double Guard, Fram Tough Guard Oil Filters, Fram Xtra Guard Oil Filters, G.K. Industries, Gates, Gates Canada, Gates Charter, Group 7, Havoline, Kem, Lucas, Master Pro Platinum, Mcquay Norris, Metron Electrical Rebuilders, Inc., Micro-Guard, Micro-Tech, Mileguard, Mobil, Motorcraft, Motormite, NSA, Orange County Alternator, Orig Equip Plus, Parts Plus Blue Friction, Parts Plus Drums & Rotors, Parts Plus Gold Disc Pads, Pennzoil, Pic-A-Nut Corp., Pitstop, Powerflow, Pridemark, Pro Gauge, Promotive, Quaker State, Quality Rebuilders, Raybestos, Retech, Santech Industries, Satisfied Brake Products, Shell, Standard Motor Products, Stant-Blister Pack, UAP Wipers, Ultra Fit Exhaust, United Ignition Wire, VIP Batteries, Wagner, Wix, and Worldwide.

Ecommerce Update

By Jim Grubbs

Still on the Fence about E-Commerce?

The decision to implement e-commerce in your business can seem daunting. Memories of the dot com explosion/implosion of the late 90's, a perception that the automotive aftermarket is still "behind the times", and unclear goals for your e-commerce program can result in indecision. We implemented fax machines in the 80's without much fanfare. Our competition installed them, our customers asked for this service, so we installed them. Much like the fax machine of the 80's, e-commerce is now in your market and being demanded by customers. Now is the time to implement an e-commerce solution like Wrenchead's Nexpart to allow your commercial customers to shop online, search your inventory, and order parts. Wrenchead can show you how.

According to Motorage Magazine, "Most repair shops buy 24% of their parts and services over the internet."

That could mean that you are giving up a quarter of your revenue to a competitor if you're not providing your customers an e-commerce solution.

Today we estimate broadband Internet usage by the service dealer using Nexpart has reached 65%. This is a huge increase from just 2 years ago. To help you kick start your ecommerce program, we can provide you a list of Internet-ready Installers in your market to help you target the right customers quickly. We provided a list of over 1,000 Internet-ready shops to a distributor in Portland, Oregon helping them connect with the right existing customers, and introducing them to new ones. Your customers are ready for Nexpart e-commerce.

Finally, figure out what you want e-commerce to do for you. Are you opening new locations or simply want to sell more without hiring new staff? Are hold times and busy signals dropping your business down the call list? Would you like a certain percentage of your business via e-commerce? Do you want to measure an increase in customer satisfaction? Set a goal for your e-commerce business. Today, Ecommerce enabled parts distributors are setting goals to have 20% of their total volume via Nexpart in one year. Many have exceeded that goal in the first 90 days using Nexpart! Nexpart can help you exceed your e-commerce goals.

Nexpart is the most popular Ecommerce solution in the industry and has proven itself in nearly 1,000 automotive parts distribution locations across the US and Canada. It can work for you!

If you're still on the fence, talk to Wrenchead today about Nexpart e-commerce and we'll give you the facts you need to help make your decision. Call us at 914.697.9417

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