News - 08/25/2004

Parts Plus Distributors Enjoy Strong Growth in Ecommerce

MEMPHIS, TENN, August 25, 2004

Over 175 Parts Plus locations have become integrated supply points since Parts Plus endorsed Wrenchead as their ecommerce partner in 2003. The Parts Plus Ecommerce Portal reached several milestones in its first year of active use and is growing at a rapid rate.

Alan Bostwick, Executive Vice President of Parts Plus, commented on the tremendous success of the initiative. "Everybody has realized that the "battle for the bays" is now being fought over the Internet. Our strategy to develop common communication platforms between customers and Parts Plus is really taking hold. Our integrated distributors and Autostores have realized the importance of connecting to their wholesale customers." Bostwick also commented on their ecommerce partner, Wrenchead. "Wrenchead has developed the tools and expertise to make this ecommerce system deployment a success. They continue to be a good business partner that believes in open IT architecture. Wrenchead’s management team also understands the importance of being flexible in their approach. The fact that they do not have a transaction fee is just one example of that."

In 2004 the numbers climbed to new levels of success. Over 400,000 stock checks were performed resulting in more than 60,000 orders placed on the Parts Plus website. Over 2000 registered and active users now use this ecommerce tool to reduce time and costs. In the second quarter of this year, the number of orders increased 116%, revenue is up 118%, active users grew 63% and average revenue per order grew 40%. Goals for 2004 include an active user base of 10,000 customers and 20% of the business flowing through the Parts Plus ecommerce pipeline.

Parts Plus is one of the largest automotive-aftermarket program groups in the industry, with more than 3,000 Parts Plus autostores and Car Care Centers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, contact Bob Barstow at Parts Plus Headquarters, 5050 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tenn., 38157.

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