News - 03/29/2005

Automotive Distribution Network (Parts Plus and IAPA) select Wrenchead to create Network Connect™, a next generation Warehouse and Store solution.

Jeanette Monick
Wrenchead, Inc.

Industry leader Automotive Distribution Network utilizes Wrenchead's market leading solutions to drive down the cost of doing business, improve customer service and increase market share.

White Plains, NY - March 29, 2005 - Wrenchead, Inc., a leader in distribution management, Electronic Catalog and E-business Solutions, today announced that the Network, one of the nation's leading program distribution groups has approved Wrenchead to provide their members with Wrenchead's next generation warehouse and store solutions. The product will be called Network Connect and will be made available to all the Network members. Network Connect builds on " the Network's current success with Wrenchead's E-Commerce solution, NexPart.

The Network provides best in class solutions to their members to ensure the profitable growth and success of their independent auto parts stores. In addition to the top notch marketing programs and technology solutions that the Network provides, the Network generates over two billion dollars worth of auto parts sales for over six thousand independent auto parts store members and tech centers each year.

"Central to making the decision to use the Wrenchead warehouse and store solution has been the group's success with Nexpart", both agreed Mike Lambert and Mike Kamal co-president's of the Network. "Over 16,000 of our customers are registered and active users of the product and revenue is growing at over 80% per quarter. Wrenchead has shown us that not only do they provide us with superior products; they also continue to be a good business partner. The deployment of Network Connect™ is a strategic next step of our strategy to boost member's profitability. Network connect is a product that will increase collaboration of the group, improve profitability and boost revenue.

Wrenchead's point of sale solution will be marketed as Network Connect and is an integral part of the Network's strategy to build competitive advantage for their members. the Network Connect takes the group to the next level and will allow the Network to deliver the full power of their marketing program.

Network Connect is a feature rich solution that is unified, flexible and easy to use in a web based or local setup. Whether it's a smaller distributor or a large 2 or 3 step distributor, the Network Connect provides the full feature set required to run today's businesses profitably. Standard features include Invoicing, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Pricing Controls, Accounts Receivable, Wrenchead's award winning Electronic Catalog and NexPart. the Network Connect also offers options such as RF bar code scanning, integrated MAS 200 Accounting Programs, cashier stations, and credit card authorization to name a few.

"As a Web-Based, hosted solution, the Network Connect reduces the total cost of ownership." said Stan Gowisnock, EVP Wrenchead, Inc. There is no software to install, no hardware to purchase and maintain, and no complex upgrades over time. Wrenchead's team of IT professionals manages your maintenance, support, and upgrades at our world-class data center. the Network Connect is engineered to give its users the same types of tools that the big boys use, at a fraction of the cost. Now that's competitive advantage."

About Wrenchead

Wrenchead, Inc. is a leader in innovative and industry proven Distribution Management solutions. Wrenchead produces Electronic Catalog, Warehouse/Store, Chain Store and E-business Solutions for distribution operations. Wrenchead's products increase revenue, reduce returns and improve customer service all at a lower cost. Wrenchead does business with over half of the Top 50 Auto parts distributors in North America and 20 Fortune 500 Companies. Investors in Wrenchead include Polaris Venture Partners, The Canopy Group and Goldman Sachs.

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