News - 04/20/2005

Wrenchead, Inc has reduced it's Part-Select™ Electronic Application Catalog publication time to 45 days.

Wrenchead, the #1 online business application provider in the Automotive Aftermarket, unveils version 4.2 of its award winning Part-Select™ Electronic Catalog and cut its industry leading Catalog production times in half.

White Plains, NY - April 6, 2005 - Wrenchead, Inc. today announced the fastest, most complete and accurate Part-Select™ Catalog ever. For the past three months, Wrenchead customers have increased profits with Part-Select's 45 day publication cycle.

Part-Select™ is an evolution in Electronic Catalog production and a significant step towards real time data. Wrenchead's challenge was to dramatically reduce its industry leading data processing time and still maintain high data quality. A important step to solve that problem, was overhauling its CDI™ data production process. CDI™ is the essential process of analyzing, augmenting and normalizing data received from auto parts manufacturers prior to publication. All together, Updates to Part-Select™, the CDI™ process, and working closely with manufacturers and the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) have paid off by reducing publication times significantly.

The new cycle times improve profitability at all levels by reducing returns and ensuring that products are available in the catalog when they are available from the manufacturer.

"Wrenchead has been a long-standing supporter of our efforts to develop catalog data standards," said Scott Luckett, vice president for technology standards and solutions at AAIA. "Wrenchead helped lead the adoption of our original Catalog Standard several years ago and has taken a leadership position with our next generation standard, ACES. Together our goal is to reduce costs for the industry and make real time data a reality."

"Wrenchead continues to lead the industry with the most innovative Electronic Catalog products, said Bryan Murphy CEO, Wrenchead, Inc. The prior versions of Part-Select™ and our CDI™ process were our first steps towards revolutionizing the way the Aftermarket receives its Catalog data. We've taken Catalog to a new level by combining the most timely, complete and accurate data with powerful functionality. Not only is our current data processing speed the fastest in the industry, but Wrenchead's CDI™ data production process ensures the necessary quality, accuracy, and completeness required by our customers. Timely data is not worth anything if it's not accurate."

About Wrenchead

Wrenchead, Inc. is a leader in innovative and industry proven Distribution Management solutions. Wrenchead produces Electronic Catalog, Warehouse/Store, Chain Store and E-business Solutions for distribution operations. Wrenchead's products increase revenue, reduce returns and improve customer service all at a lower cost. Wrenchead does business with over half of the Top 50 Auto parts distributors in North America and 20 Fortune 500 Companies. Investors in Wrenchead include Polaris Venture Partners, The Canopy Group and Goldman Sachs.

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