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Wrenchead Newsletter
June 2005

Electronic Catalog Update
By Kyle Johnson

The Wrenchead Parts Select Catalog now has more applications for more cars for more manufacturer lines than ever.

The Wrenchead Parts Select Catalog has had another impressive quarter of growth. The latest version, V9N6, includes updates to A1 Cardone, Accel, ACDelco, Aimco, AirQualitee, ASC Industries, Autolite, Baldwin, Beck Arnley, Champion Labs, Chassis Select, Cloyes, Corteco, Dayco, Elgin, Four Seasons, Fram, Global Accessories, Goodyear, Hastings, Hays, Hurst, Lakewood, Mallory, Maxpower, Monroe, Morse, MPA, Mr. Gasket, NGK, Original Equipment Plus, Perfect Circle, Purolator, Raybestos, Retech, RMACC Hose Company, Silla Cooling, SKF, Specialty Products, Spectra Premium Ind., Transpro, and Wagner to name a few.

Wrenchead continues to be the fastest Electronic Catalog Provider in the Industry.

Since February this year Wrenchead has been processing manufacturer data files in 45 business days or less in keeping with our never ending effort to increase the service level of the Parts Select Catalog. This new processing commitment applies to all manufacturer files for all of our catalog users. As always, Wrenchead leads the aftermarket in enabling our customers to sell more auto parts.

Wrenchead simplifies part types to make it easier and faster to look up parts.

Based on customer feedback, Wrenchead simplified over 180 part types making it easier and faster to lookup the parts you need. For example, we broke out front from rear brake components. Other examples include reducing the number of chassis part types from five part types to one and reducing coil spring part types from eight to one. Ahhh, Better!

Wrenchead presents award for best electronic catalog data at the 2005 NCMA Meeting.

We want to thank all of our manufacturer partners who participated with us at the recent NCMA Knowledge Exchange in Tempe, Arizona. The conference was, again, a valuable exchange of ideas and information as well as a great opportunity for us to visit with many of you in person. For those of you who joined us for golf and at our hospitality suite on Monday night we thank you for your support. The conference also was able to raise several thousand dollars for the Aftermarket Foundation, a very worthy charity. Wrenchead presented three awards for quality catalog data and we want to congratulate this year's winners, A1 Cardone, Affinia-Raybestos and Denso. These companies are setting the bar high for the production of timely, accurate and complete application data.

ACES initiative is gathering steam and Wrenchead is taking the lead.

We continue to receive more and more ACES files every month. Wrenchead expects ACES to improve catalog quality over time and to help increase parts sales throughout the industry. If you want more information on ACES go to, click on AAIA Committees on the left-hand side and select Technology Standards and Solutions.

Wrenchead Announces new ecommerce solution for fleets and multi location purchasing, Nexpart Axess.

Axess gives multi-location purchasers of parts such as fleets, automotive repair chains and car dealership chains complete visibility to all parts purchases regardless of supplier or geography. Axess puts a complete online ordering and tracking tool at every location plus gives company headquarters full data analyzing capabilities.Axess allows field locations to purchase and receive the orders over the net and track any cores or future returns to ensure full credit. At any point in the future, he can recall any order by date, supplier, order status, vehicle, part number, description, manufacturer or order number or any combination of these. He can even manually record orders that were phoned in to non-Nexpart suppliers. Imagine a Ford F-450 in your fleet coming back to the garage with a water pump leak 6 months after it was installed. With a few clicks in Axess, the original order is located, the correct vendor identified and the part is returned for proper credit. This powerful tool ensures these locations receive and return parts properly and never have mystery parts, outstanding returns or, unreturned cores. Headquarters for these companies have access to all orders placed throughout the organization. Headquarters has access to an administration portal rich with data analysis features. In-depth analytics can be performed to analyze an unlimited array of business processes.

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Wrenchead, Inc. is the Number One provider of web based Distribution Management solutions in the Automotive Aftermarket. Wrenchead produces Electronic Catalog, Warehouse/Store, Chain Store and E-business Solutions for distribution operations. Wrenchead's products increase revenue, reduce returns and improve customer service all at a lower cost. Wrenchead does business with over half of the Top 50 Auto parts distributors in North America and 20 Fortune 500 Companies. Investors in Wrenchead include Polaris Venture Partners, The Canopy Group and Goldman Sachs.

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