News - 06/20/2005

Wrenchead, Inc presents Awards for best catalog quality.

Wrenchead, the #1 online business application provider in the Automotive Aftermarket, presented three awards for best electronic catalog data at the 2005 NCMA Meeting.

White Plains, NY - June 20, 2005 - Wrenchead, Inc. presented catalog quality awards to three leading Aftermarket Manufacturers; A1-Cardone, Affinia - Raybestos, and Denso. These three companies are being recognized for catalog excellence in the past year. All three companies set the bar high for creating and maintaining timely, accurate and complete catalog data.

"Wrenchead salutes these companies for catalog excellence," said Kyle Johnson, vice president for electronic Catalog at Wrenchead. "It's clear that not only do these companies have excellent catalog departments but also have the support of senior management who understands that having timely, accurate and complete electronic application data sells more parts."

"Wrenchead supports companies like A-1, Affinia and Denso by combining the most timely, complete and accurate data with powerful functionality and ensures the quality the industry demands with the industry's fastest and most reliable processing."

About Wrenchead

Wrenchead, Inc. is a leader in innovative and industry proven Distribution Management solutions. Wrenchead produces Electronic Catalog, Warehouse/Store, Chain Store and E-business Solutions for distribution operations. Wrenchead's products increase revenue, reduce returns and improve customer service all at a lower cost. Wrenchead does business with over half of the Top 50 Auto parts distributors in North America and 20 Fortune 500 Companies. Investors in Wrenchead include Polaris Venture Partners, The Canopy Group and Goldman Sachs.

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