News - 10/25/2006

WHI's Award winning Nexpart™ Ecommerce solution to offer comprehensive Business Intelligence option.

White Plains, NY - October 25th, 2006 - WHI (formerly Wrenchead, Inc.), a leading ebusiness solution provider to the wholesale distribution and retail markets, today announced that it has partnered with Dimensional Insight to add business intelligence and data analysis options to WHI's Industry-Leading Nexpart™ E-Commerce Solution.

Customers using Nexpart™-based e-Commerce solutions from WHI will have the option to "dive into their e-commerce data" to perform analysis, reporting and ad-hoc queries using the new Nexpart Diver™ module. Nexpart Diver will allow users to access critical business information instantly via the web, view dashboards, create customized reports, graphs, maps and charts, and perform ad-hoc analysis on their own data.

From within Nexpart's administration portal, distributors will have the option to easily review customer stock checks, buying habits, parts movement, sales territory activity, and eventually vehicle lookup data. Sponsors and Manufacturers will have access to all their members/distributor data and will be able to understand sales activity across their product lines by distributor, region, category, customer type, and more. All reports can be viewed on-screen, printed, or shared via e-mail as PDF's, Excel worksheets or a variety of other formats. Key personnel such as field sales can have secure web access to these reports.

"WHI prides itself as a leader in the development and marketing of its technology products for the supply chain. The Business Intelligence capabilities from Dimensional Insight will continue to position WHI as an innovator of e-business products and services by allowing our customers to easily analyze the results of using our technology. By partnering with a proven expert in the Business Intelligence field, we are able to provide best-of-breed solutions to our customers. ", states Jim Grubbs, Director of E-Commerce for WHI.

"Our Diver Solution platform is tailor-made to fit within E-Commerce environments, and we are excited about the power that our two organizations will bring to the parts supply chain market", said Fred Powers, Dimensional Insight co-founder and CEO. "Our organization is dedicated to making WHI customers even more successful through the ability to dive deep into their data and extract the knowledge and understanding needed to make informed decisions in today's competitive business climate. Our past experience within markets such as beverage distribution, transportation and logistics, and apparel, has established Dimensional Insight as a leader in the development and sales of business intelligence for supply chain industry players. Our new partnership with WHI is a natural extension of our industry focus."

About WHI

One of the fastest growing software companies in America, WHI provides solutions to over 1500 large and small companies in the Automotive, Hard goods and Electrical distribution markets, including over 21 Fortune 500 customers. WHI products and services are used in over 16,500 locations to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. Products are specialized for use by manufacturers, warehouse distributors, jobbers, and their customers. Investors in WHI, Inc. include Polaris Venture Partners, MidMark Capital, Goldman Sachs and Starboard Capital. For more information, please visit

About Dimensional Insight

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, Dimensional Insight delivers powerful analytic and reporting capabilities to manufacturers, importers, and distributors. Founded upon 17 years of business intelligence technology leadership, customers use our technology to target opportunities, track performance and increase profits. The Diver Solution offers powerful reporting capabilities and multidimensional analysis. Dimensional Insight's Diver SolutionTM is designed to enable decision makers, across all levels and functional areas of a corporation to access and analyze data quickly and intuitively. For more information, please visit

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